The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The traditional Japanese martial art called Ju-Jitsu is a fighting system that uses grappling and striking. It is not unlike mixed martial art or martial arts in that it incorporates elements from the other martial art types. In this method of learning the art, practitioners would use the Kyokushinkai, or “four limbs”. The arms are also used as an offensive technique, often to attempt a takedown. The legs and the torso are used as a defense, but primarily as a means to throw opponents, or attempt to pin them down. There is no limit to how many techniques can be applied in this style of fighting.

Discovering a bit more about Ju-Jitsu

A martial art with many variations, the ancient Japanese sport of Ju-jitsu was brought to the West by Karate master Morihei Ueshiba, who founded the Universal Peace Federation in 1917. It is a self-defense system that incorporates various techniques from many different disciplines of traditional Japanese martial arts, including Shotokan karate and judo. Today, Ju-jitsu can be used as either an offensive or defensive method to defeat or subdue unarmed or weaponless attackers or to subdue any opponent.