In November 1976, Soke Dai Robert Clark, we founded the Wjjf (UK), and we never thought to create one organization that today is surfing in the world. Now-days we are present in 5 continents with more than   40 countries and 52 Groups and with the enthusiastic cooperation with excellent Worldly Federations.

The founders members of the World Ju Jitsu Confederation, are recognized by the Tafisa (The International Association For Sport for All) by the COI (International Olympic committee). We are a worldly reality in every aspects, appreciated by the other international federations for the technical and organizational level.

Unfortunately my friend and travel companion Soke Dai Robert Clark (1946) is not any more with us since February 2012 and we cannot share with him these common results. Since his disappearance we thought to create this site, in order to clarify we are internationally, where are we from and which is our way, estimated by the last written will of soke Robert Clark. And trying to clarify something that someone only for economic purposes would like to confuse.

In the particular session of the “Shihan Kai”, there are registered our representatives with the relative membership contract, the relative Nation besides few more delegates, the International Technical Commission (ITC), born to preside at the dan grading and to the Federal technical evolution. The Commission (ITC), is the instrument which represent the continuity of the technical way proposed by Soke Dai Robert Clark, overall as he understood it.

The Soke is the founder of his   “Syllabus” and he is the only real Soke, as we have decided together with the co-founders, Beryl Miao included. “Is not the style that create a man, is the man who create the style”. The other pages show our Official line of merchandising: badges, uniforms, wearing and in addition the Official diploma of kyu and dan menjio and qualification (densho): dojo and instructors; registered only by the General secretary  (Milan) which registered all numbers since the 1985 to now, and it is daily updated (session of records). You could also see the contract with our representatives and the links of them so to be informed about the international activity and about the representatives and the delegations and more.